Golden Anchor Endowment Fund

golden-anchorThe Golden Anchor Fund was established in honor of Bill Golden. He was an at-risk youth growing up in a single-parent home with few, if any, anchors during his early school years. However, through positive adult intervention in his teens, he learned to hunt and fish. He was also offered an after school job. Strongly encouraged by these adult friends to continue his education, he became a teacher and positively influenced numerous at-risk youth over a 20 year career. He believed educators, whether professional or volunteer, should be creative and flexible in their attempts to educate and interact with youth. He understood the importance of enhancing individual assets and skills to help vulnerable youth develop self esteem.

In Keeping with The Anchor’s mission: To encourage the local use of proven alternative methods of educating youth who are at risk of academic and/or social failure, in December 1999, The Anchor became a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ozaukee to work together in fulfilling their mission to change the life of a child for the better, forever.

We are a non-profit, charitable organization seeking to encourage community members, both adults and youth, to share constructive leisure time together, benefiting from this experience…just as Bill Golden did.

Help grow the Golden Anchor Endowment Fund to ensure there will always be activities scheduled for all Littles and Bigs.


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